Philosophy Espolín

Combine the best of the "terreta" through innovative cuisine!

Located inside the Catalonia Excelsior Hotel, in the heart of Valencia, you will find Espolín: a place where tradition and elegance come together at the forefront to offer you the best dining experience. Our culinary offer is based on the typical Valencian cuisine made with sustainable and local products, to make you enjoy all the flavor of always in a modern and relaxed atmosphere.

Our dishes are specially addressed to you, so that you immerse yourself in the local culture through its flavors with all the freshness and quality. In addition, we have designed the letter putting all the Valencian feeling and, for this reason, we include in it some of the most well-known expressions among Valencians, as a “vocabulary of survival”.

Our Menu

When the winter is coming, is time to stay together and to celebrate Christmas Holidays. During these special dates, we would want to make you feel at home more than ever, that's why we have created different Valencian menus (de la "terreta") to make you live an authentic gastronomic experience! It would be a pleasure to celebrate with you these Christmas Holidays because we want to wish you all the best for 2023. Come and surprise yourself during these dates through our Valencian cuisine!

We are waiting for you

Can you imagine combining the best of "terreta" through innovative cuisine but adding a touch of tradition?
Carrer de la Barcelonina, 5 | 46002, València

(+34) 963 51 46 12  |  Whatsapp: (+34) 686 86 34 31

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Open everyday from 1pm until 4pm; and 7:30pm until a 10:30pm. On weekends until 11pm.