Philosohpy Aldapeta

A tribute with avant-garde touches to the local product

Aldapeta Gastrobar is a restaurant with the typical quality of traditional Basque cuisine. We pay homage to the local product with avant-garde touches using the grill and some brushstrokes of Catalan cuisine. It is an ideal space to enjoy next to the Muro de Easo viewpoint, a cozy, elegant and modern place. A mixture of two very powerful cuisines that will not leave you indifferent.

Customer satisfaction and being able to create a pleasant gastronomic experience are the two premises by which the people who are part of Aldapeta are guided. We are passionate about gastronomy and we always think of having varied and innovative proposals.

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Let us seduce you… Aldapeta will become your favorite restaurant in San Sebastián
Alto San Bartolomé, 9 | 20009, San Sebastián

(+34) 943 44 42 94  |  Whatsapp: (+34) 646 925 444

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Open every day from 13:30h – 15:30 and 19:30 to 22:30h.